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Edible Nonfiction: Today's pick

The Pantry by Glynis Sharpe

The Pantry was much bigger once you stepped inside. The enchanting smell of garlic escaped every time the door opened. 

Food in our home was mostly homemade. Homemade sauces, cookies and bread. So, looking in the pantry was pointless because all you could hope to find was floor, cans and spices and such.

As the years went by, I helped in the kitchen, mostly peeling and whisking. I suppose the two least favorite tasks that my mother kept especially for me. 

When I moved out, I discovered the grocery store, the bakery, the butcher and mostly cookbooks. A new world was open to me. Cooking was a weekend pastime.

If that was not enough, I fell into baking, accidently. And soon, we had rolls and croissants pouring out of the oven on a steady basis. I discovered herbs, and nutmeg, and desserts. Soon, recipes were being modified and I was no longer satisfied with what other cooks recommended. I took charge in the kitchen and was a composer of succulent dishes. 

Cleaning out my mother's house, I noticed how organized the pantry had always been. I had simply thought of her food as being healthy and not so much tasty. With all organic ingredients, my mother fed us couscous and quinoa before they were on shelves in supermarkets. She had whole-wheat flour for our Saturday morning pancakes and molasses. I always accused her of being a boring cook. My newfound appreciation for her attention to detail put me on a new path. Each component of a recipe has to be from the best source, which changes the look and feel of every dish.

Glynis Sharpe is from Gatineau, QC

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