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Food for Thought

Ilana Weitzman: The vegetarian editor

In her final Food for Thought blog, the editor-in-chief of Air Canada's enRoute magazine explains why you don't have to eat a food to write about it.

In enRoute's food issue a few years back, I made a confession to our readers: I'm a vegetarian. I felt I had to come clean about the fact that despite editing stories on everything from dry-aged meat to nose-to-tail cooking, I wouldn't touch the stuff myself. I was emboldened by a similar tale of the vegetarian editor of Texas Monthly who—gasp—handled the annual rankings of Southern BBQ restaurants, a very serious matter in those parts. Then again, neither of us can really be accused of bias: Being on the outside of the subject at hand gives you perspective.

The Edible Nonfiction Challenge is about sharing your true stories on food, but that doesn't mean you have to be a fantastic cook or know the first thing about molecular gastronomy. Just look at the hysterical "Pick of the Day" entry on McDonald's, one of my favourites that's been posted so far. Poet David McGimpsey once wrote an insightful, funny and downright delicious tour of LA's roadside eateries for enRoute; I believe he'd be insulted if you called him a foodie, but he has a knack for eating. And all of us have that.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for ilana.jpgIlana Weitzman is the editor-in-chief of enRoute, Air Canada's award-winning magazine. Many of the food pieces she has edited have been included in the Best Food Writing anthology alongside work from Gourmet and Bon Appetit, and several have been nominated for National Magazine Awards. She has won Gold and Silver National Magazine Awards for her reporting and editing, along with an award of merit from the North American Travel Journalists Association.

Photo credit [Ilana Weitzman]: Malina Corpadean 
Photo credit [vegetables]: Virginia Macdonald

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