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Writing tips

Food writing wisdom from Christine Cushing

The award-winning cookbook author and host of Fearless in the Kitchen on the most important ingredient in good food writing: the writer.

"It's important to inject yourself into the writing. Writing about food is writing your story. It's not enough to simply offer steps or instructions or simply describe the food. You must inject life, emotion, feeling into the words. The readers should be able to sense who made it and how it tastes. Writing about food is not only about sharing the food, but sharing the story behind it and the emotions within it."

Christine Cushing is the host of Fearless in the Kitchen, airing on the W Network, Viva and the Oprah Winfrey Network. Christine is also the author of two best-selling cookbooks, Dish it Out and Fearless in the Kitchen, and a third, Pure Food, which won a Gourmand world cookbook award in Spain. 

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