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New Series

New food writing series launches today

Sharpen your knives... and your pens. From Dec 12 to January 3rd, we're tucking into a delicious
new food writing challenge (Edible Nonfiction challenge) and online master class (Food for Thought).

Pull up a seat at the table and get yourself a plate - Canada Writes is proud to announce our latest series, and it's all about the great art of food writing.
From December 12 to January 3, we're teaming up with Air Canada's enRoute magazine for a veritable smorgasbord in the great art of food writing, and we want you to get involved.

What is food writing?
Food writing is writing about food - the love of it, the experience of cooking and making it, and its significance in our lives. Food writing is not cookbook writing - think more Anthony Bourdain, less The Joy of Cooking. Masters of the genre include Ruth Reichl, M.F.K Fisher and Adam Gopnik - in fact, we'll be featuring an excerpt of Adam's latest book, The Table Comes First: France, Family, and the Meaning of Food, in a few days' time to inspire you. 

What's on the menu at Canada Writes?

For the next three weeks, take part in our latest challenge: the Canada Writes Edible Nonfiction Challenge. We're asking for a short excerpt of your most toothsome nonfiction food writing. enRoute's editor-in-chief, Ilana Weitzman, will be judging and we'll be serving up some great prizes. 

Get more info on the challenge, and read our very first celebrity entry to whet your appetite for the kind of great food writing we're looking for: today's entry is from National Post food columnist Amy Rosen.

Starting tomorrow, we're also launching Food for Thought, an online master class from enRoute editor-in-chief Ilana Weitzman on how to craft the most powerful and meaningful food writing. 

And along the way, we'll be serving up some exciting extra little amuse-bouches from some of Canada's leading food writers.

Bon appetit, Canada!

Graphic credit: Nathalie Cusson from enRoute 

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