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Writer to watch

Writer to watch : Lee Henderson

GG-winner Greg Hollingshead wrote a winter tale for us. He also recommended Lee Henderson as a writer to watch. Read what Lee has to say about what inspires him to write.

"Lee Henderson has imagination, wit, and brains. He writes like nobody else. He is also very funny, in a sly, cumulative way. You don't know where you are, but you know you're in good hands."

- Greg Hollingshead

Buried secrets, revealed again
by Lee Henderson

Why I write
I never get bored by writing, I like to sit down and put together sentences.

What makes me want to write
There's a way to cut through illusion with language, and by articulating some truth, the secrets that keep getting reburied by the chores of daily life are revealed again. Nothing is as private as written language. It is one mind in communion with another mind.

Things I love about writing
I love to be by myself late at night listening to music and typing. I like the privacy. But I love to build sentences. I am fascinated by how characters can transform themselves and how stubborn they are sometimes, too. I like writing.

Things I hate about writing
Doors opening and closing. People answering the phone. Chronological order. Holocaust as metaphor for character's inner emptiness. Repressed memory syndrome. Car accidents. Dogs dying. Guns. Trench warfare. Tea & meditation. Sexless half-seductions. Near-violent outbreaks instead of wholly violent. Historical bell jars. Single-race worlds. Immobilized grief. Unmagical sentences.

Why writing is hard/easy?
This is what is diabolical about prose, that it is never finished.  Gustav Flaubert

Those decadent souls who live to read books all afternoon, listen to music all night, and hang out in the kitchen drinking coffee instead of working at heavy labour or for a middle manager.


Lee Henderson is the author of the award-winning short story collection The Broken Record Technique and the novel The Man Game. He is a contributing editor to the art magazines Border Crossings and Contemporary and has published fiction and art criticism in numerous periodicals. His fiction has twice been featured in the Journey Prize Anthology. He lives in Vancouver.

Photo credit for Greg Hollingshead: Jerry Bauer

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