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Twitter Challenge

#CanadaWrites winner to be announced today!

This afternoon we'll be announcing the winner of our first #canadawrites Twitter Challenge. Until then you can read all 1,300 stories in the running for the prize.

We've compiled all eligible submissions, which you can view directly below. Keep in mind that it's a pretty long list - but it's full of creative, hilarious, creepy, and touching stories. We certainly enjoyed reading them all. You can also download the PDF or simply follow the #canadawrites hashtag to see how the day unfolded.

Judge Todd Babiak has spent the last 24 hours going over all the entries in order to pick one winner and three runner-ups. We will have his list shortly, but for now you can read all of them below. Which ones do you think should win?

If you enjoyed Tuesday's #canadawrites Twitter Challenge, we invite you to Like us on Facebook. There's a lot more activities like this one coming your way...so stay tuned!

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