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Twitter Challenge

The winner of the #CanadaWrites Twitter Challenge is...

It was quite the task, but judge Todd Babiak sifted through the 1,300 + shortest short stories we received for our first-ever Twitter Challenge and picked one winner. 

At the end of the process his eyes (and heart) were sore. There were so many great stories for him to choose from that Todd tried to narrow them down by looking for "storyness" in the submissions. "There was so much wit and humour," he wrote. "I tried to weed out cleverness."
Well, we now have a winner and it is... (drum roll)...

Navin Vaswani (@vaswani_) of Toronto! 

Congratulations Navin! You've won the #CanadaWrites Twitter Challenge (and an iPod Touch) for the following Tweet:

He poured himself another scotch. He'd promised to stop drinking on weeknights, but the Leafs were playing. She'd understand. #canadawrites

Navin Vaswani is a Toronto-based blogger who writes Sports And The City, a blog that documents the plight of Toronto's struggling professional sports teams. You can read our Q&A with him here.

Todd also chose three runners-up These writers will receive a selection of great reads from CBC Books: The Meagre Tarmac by Clark Blaise and The Beggar's Garden by Michael Christie.

The runners-upare:

Jason Carlin (@the2scoops) for: 
She hoped the stain would come out of the dress. A small part of her hoped it never would. #canadawrites

Natasha Frederick (@NFRED78) for: 

#canadawrites He kissed her at recess. His braces dug into her lips and his breath smelled like hummus. She would dump him by gym.

And Lynda Grimes (@treeleaning) for: 

You can kill a man with anything they'd said. A strawberry even. She threw the empty basket in the recycling bin at the curb. #canadawrites

We'd like to thank everyone for participating. This was a wonderful experience for us at Canada Writes. We hope you enjoyed yourselves! You can still read all the submissions below.

If you did, be sure to check back often. Canada Writes will continue to host all sorts of online writing challenges throughout the year. Please note that there are still several days left for you to get your short story in to the CBC Short Story Competition. Details can be found here.

And be sure to check our website as of November 2nd. We have another great challenge coming up, so stay tuned!

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