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Autobiography Challenge: The top five

Ladies and gentlemen, announcing the shortlist for the Canada Writes autobiography challenge!
The online voting for one spot on the shortlist got pretty heated, but in the end, you chose Eric Rumble's entry, "Self-Constrained Underwhelming Breeder Acrobatics." Congratulations Eric - you have the love and admiration of the Canadian public!

Meanwhile, here at Canada Writes headquarters, more than one fistfight broke out while we were coming up with the rest of the shortlist. What can we say? We're passionate people, and bruised knuckles are a small price to pay for excellence...

The top five selections in the Autobiography Challenge are...

A Series Of Awkward Goodbyes 
By Adrian Budhram
Richmond Hill, ON

Whether a sweaty handshake or a clumsy embrace, preparing for an awkward goodbye is daunting. Adrian Budhram lives in that moment of trepidation; from kindergarten expulsion triggered by macaroni art fraud, to extradition from England prompted by ferry-plundering along the River Thames, his life is a series of awkward goodbyes.

Dovetailed Delusions
By Cian Cruise
Kingston, ON

Rabid enthusiasm tempered by crippling self-doubt. Creative gusto hammered by analytic wonder-ectomy. Wishy-washy decisiveness transmuting success out of failure after failure. Acute conceptual acrobatics mired in the nether regions of addiction and sloth. A chainsaw reading the phonebook. One woman, one life, one book: a gleeful cluster of conscious contradictions.

If I Had a Clawhammer
By Christine Lovelace
Ottawa, ON
At the age of 40, when things started to sag and indigestion was a daily trial, Christine Lovelace decided that learning to play banjo would finally make her the hip kid she'd always wanted to be. Follow her on a topsy-turvy ride through the world of bum-ditty.

So What if I Waddle?
By Brianne Morgan
Fonthill, ON
Speaking out for the first time about the trials and tribulations of being raised by penguins, Brianne Morgan delivers a heart-wrenchingly sarcastic account of the stereotypes and misconceptions that contemporary society has against the tuxedo-wearing waddlers of Antarctica.

Self-Constrained Underwhelming Breeder Acrobatics
By Eric Rumble *PEOPLE'S CHOICE*
Montreal, QC

People who can make babies do not necessarily know how. Drawing on years of lame courtship and futile attraction, Rumble explores the grey side of dating, revealing how to sidestep that special someone. Sometimes he tries too hard. Sometimes he tries foolishly. Sometimes he gets duped. Always he tries again.

Our judge, Kirstie McLellan Day, is reviewing the shortlist, pulling out her own hair and choosing a winner at this very moment. 

Who will win the iPad 2? Stay tuned - we'll announce the winner of the challenge on Friday.

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