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Canadian writers: this one's for you

feature_introp.jpgSee the blank squares in the collage up there? One of them is for you. As the editor of Canada Writes, I'm thrilled to roll out the welcome mat to writers across the country. Welcome home.

Jennifer Warren,
Editor, Canada Writes
Canada Writes will:
  • Connect you with other writers. Regardless of genre or geography, writers write, and though the act of writing may at times infuriate us as much as it nourishes us, it also brings us together. We'd like to help make that happen.
  • Inspire you. The famous Canadian literary faces you see in that cool collage above? Over the next days, weeks and months, you'll be seeing their work on Canada Writes - watch for it and let us know what you think.
  • Publish you. Whether through quick challenges, online writing workshops, or our flagship CBC Literary Prizes, Canada Writes will let you flex your writerly muscles on a regular basis, and will value great Canadian writing by showing it to the world.
  • Entertain you. Canada Writes will dispel the myth that good writers are, for the most part, a humourless lot who spend their spare time knitting fingerless gloves. We'll be a destination for both timeless inspiration and fun diversion.

First order of business: win an iPad

As Canada Writes will be shaped by its readers, we want to know more about you. Enter our inaugural Canada Writes Autobiography Challenge, where we're asking you for the title and snappy back-cover blurb for your own autobiography. (Did we mention we're giving away an iPad?) Here's my crack at it. Eat your heart out, Joan Didion.

Plain Old Blue Raincoat
By Jennifer Warren

To the old man across the street, she's an infuriatingly bad weeder. To gazpacho, her queasiness is a tad histrionic. Her texting-enabled cellphone wishes she didn't have such huge - as in sideshow-freak huge - thumb pads. But who harbours the deepest disappointment in Jennifer Warren? One group alone: Jennifer Warnes fans.

Okay, I've bared my soul: now it's your turn. Get writing, Canada!

Jennifer Warren Editor, Canada Writes

Photo Credits:
Alissa York (credit: Curtis Lantinga)
Dany Laferrière (credit: Éléanor Le Gresley)
Kathleen Winter (credit: Aaju Peter)
Madeleine Thien (credit: Rawi Hage)
Michael Crummey (credit: Holly Hogan)
Michael Winter (credit: Christine Pountney)
Sarah Selecky (credit: Ryan Handerson)
Sheila Heti (credit: Chris Buck)

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