Canada Reads 2010

And the winner is...


Nikolski is a small village in the Aleutian Islands off the shore of Alaska. It is also a thematic link in Nicolas Dickner's charmingly offbeat novel about three young francophones searching for a sense of connection and unaware of the ties that bind them. A beguiling story of chance and the power of coincidence to change lives, Nikolski was first published in French in 2005 and received numerous awards, including Quebec's prestigious Prix Anne-Hébert for best first book.

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Good to a Fault

A story of two classes colliding, Good to a Fault is both an exploration of faith and a meditation on the meaning of home. Read more »

Generation X

Douglas Coupland changed the way people viewed an entire generation with Generation X, while coining such unforgettable terms as "McJob" and "poverty jet set." Read more »

The Jade Peony

Wayson Choy's poignant, award-winning debut novel, The Jade Peony, is told from the point of view of three siblings who come of age in Vancouver's Chinatown during the Depression and war years. Read more »

Fall on Your Knees

Fall on Your Knees begins in a small mining community in Nova Scotia in the early 1900s and moves to the battlefields of the First World War and then to Harlem during the Jazz Age and the Depression and is a riveting depiction of a family beset by hidden desires and secrets. Read more »

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