Canada Reads 2004

And the winner is...

The Last Crossing

Set in the late 19th century, The Last Crossing takes readers on an epic journey that ranges from the wilds of the American West to Victorian England and Saskatchewan. Englishmen Charles and Addington Gaunt are on a quest to find their long-lost brother. In the course of their search, they are joined by a posse of fellow travellers, each with their own story. In Guy Vanderhaeghe's gripping frontier story, where honour, loyalty and love are at stake, drama unfolds at every turn and justice is served in unconventional ways.

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Green Grass, Running Water

Green Grass, Running Water is the story of five Blackfoot Indians who live in Blossom or on its nearby reserve, and although they live seemingly separate lives, their existences are connected in ways that are at once coincidental, comical and cosmic. Read more »

The Heart Is an Involuntary Muscle

This is a brilliant, complex, witty, moving book about writing and writers. It was nominated for a 2002 Governor General's Award when it was first published in French. Read more »

The Love of a Good Woman

Eight new stories about what people will do for love, and the unexpected routes their passion will force them to take. Read more »

Barney's Version

Charged with comic energy and a wicked disregard for any pieties whatsoever, Barney's Version is a brilliant portrait of a man whom Mordecai Richler has made uniquely memorable for all time. . Read more »

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