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Canada Reads Nikolski

Nikolski: A comparative discussion with The Jade Peony

  Over at the Nikolski: Six degrees of separation discussion, sdring had an interesting idea I'd like to start a new thread with and that is the comparison with another Canada Reads contender: The Jade Peony. As sdring writes: "Once......

Nikolski: Six degrees of separation

  [SPOILER ALERT]: @trudymorgancole on Twitter has posed the question: "Was it brilliant or just frustrating that the characters never discover links between them?" Personally, the fact that the characters were almost like ships passing in the night was part......

Nikolski: Beginning the journey

  Greetings, fellow bookworms! It's your friendly neighbourhood geek girl, Kimberly@CBC (also @AliasGrace), here to moderate the discussion around Nikolski. This is a book that really spoke to me as someone from an eclectic ethnic and racial background. I found I......
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