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Canada Reads Good to a Fault

Good to a Fault: The elephant in the room

One of the major plot points in Marina Endicott's Good to a Fault deals with cancer. Just like in real life, it unfortunately touches the lives of many of the characters. How did you feel about the way Marina......

Good To a Fault: The cast

  The cast of characters in Good To A Fault are a handful, to say the least. They have vibrant and distinct personalities that provoke strong feelings. For example, who can sit idly by while Mrs. Pell feeds the baby......

Good to a Fault: The goods

  Hi, I'm Rosie@CBC and this is the spot to discuss Marina Endicott's novel Good to a Fault. This book is one of the two newer, and perhaps lesser-known novels on the panel, but we're going to change that, right?......
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