Canada Reads 2014

What is the one novel that could change Canada?

Five celebrity panelists will decide just that over four days of debate. The books will be eliminated one-by-one, Survivor-style.

The 2014 contenders are: 

Five panelists. Four days. One winner. Sound like a show you want to watch? 

The debates will air on CBC Radio at 11 a.m. local time (11:30 in NL), CBC-TV at 4 p.m. local time (4:30 in NL) and online at CBC Books at 10 a.m. ET March 3-6, 2014. 

How the books were chosen:

To be eligible, books must be novels written by a Canadian author, be readily available, available in English, currently in print and published by a traditional publisher.

On October 2, we put the call to Canadians to recommend up to 5 novels they believe have the power to do this. 

The most popular books became the Canada Reads Top 40 list.

The Canada Reads 2014 Top 40 was revealed  on Thursday, October 24. You can see that list here.

Canadians were then asked to vote to help narrow this list down to a Top 10. 

The Canada Reads 2014 Top 10 was revealed on Tuesday, November 12. You can see that list here.

The Top 10 was given to the 2014 panelists. From that list, they chose the book they will champion during the debates.

Canada Reads history

Launched in 2001, Canada Reads is CBC's annual battle of the books, where five Canadian personalities each select a book they want Canadians to read. They defend their chosen title in a series of debates, and the books are eliminated one by one until a winner is declared. The debates air on CBC Radio One, CBC-TV and are livestreamed online through CBC Books.

In 2007, Canada Reads hosted an All-Star season. The winners from the previous five seasons returned with new picks to battle to for their second Canada Reads crown.

In 2011, Canada Reads celebrated its 10th anniversary by introducing a public campaign and a theme. Canadians around the world were asked to recommend the book they thought was the "essential Canadian novel of the decade." The panelist chose their books from the 10 most popular titles.

Past Canada Reads debates can be checked out here.

Contact Canada Reads

Still have questions? Email canadareads@cbc.ca.

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