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Two Solitudes took over Montreal's airwaves

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On Friday February 1, Homerun, the afternoon CBC show in Montreal, hosted a special province-wide episode that explored how English-French relations have changed over the years and took the current pulse of the relationship between today's "two solitudes."

Actor and Canada Reads panelist Jay Baruchel co-hosted with Homerun's Sue Smith. He's defending Two Solitudes by Hugh MacLennan in the Canada Reads debates February 11-14. The live broadcast took place at Indigo and featured several panels discussing what the two solitudes look like today.

You can listen to the six panels in the audio players below.

Part 1: Where are we now?

  • Robert Naylor, Anglo-Franco Montreal actor, high school student
  • Jennifer Hassard and Fred Absi, Anglo-Franco married couple
  • Roger Pelletier, retiree and real-life Paul Tallard

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Part 2: What do the two solitudes look like on the ground?

  • Lesley Chesterman, Montreal Gazette fine-dining critic
  • Etienne Boulay, CFL (Canadian Football League) free agent, former Toronto Argonaut and long-time Montreal Alouette 
  • Jordan Arseneault, writer, producer, actor

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Part 3: Theatre Panel

  • Guy Sprung, artistic director of Infinitheatre
  • Phillipe Couture, theatre critic with Le Devoir & contributor to Jeu: Revue de theatre
  • Nathalie Petrowski, culture columnist for La Presse

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Part 4: Perspective

  • Bernard St-Laurent, host of CBC's C'est la vie
  • Carole Beaulieu, editor in chief of l'actualité
  • Christian Bourque, Leger Marketing
  • Robert Libman, architect and former politician

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Part 5: Music Panel

  • Jeff Stinco, Simple Plan lead guitarist
  • Coeur de Pirate (Beatrice Martin), Quebecois singer-songwriter
  • Brad Barr,  Barr Brothers guitarist and vocalist
  • Matthew Woodley, Plants and Animals drummer and vocalist

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Part 6: The Third Solitudes

  • Tracey Deer, Mohawk filmmaker, writer and producer from Kahnawake
  • Dave Austin, educator, community worker  and author

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Listeners and attendees also tweeted about the event using the hashtag #cbc2solitudes.You can follow the Twitter conversation below.

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