Day Three: Recap

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Day Three of Canada Reads: whoa, that was tense! After debating topics like storytelling style and each book's ability to deliver an emotional pay-off, the panelists voted. For the first time in this year's competition, it was a tie. Two panelists voted against Indian Horse (Charlotte and Ron). Two voted against February (Carol, in a strategic vote, and Jay). Trent voted against Two Solitudes. Under Canada Reads rules, the tie-breaker belongs to the panelist who didn't vote against either of the books in question. So Trent got to break the tie. As the champion of February, it was pretty clear which way he'd go: Indian Horse is eliminated.
Now there are only two books left. February by Lisa Moore and Two Solitudes by Hugh MacLennan will go head to head tomorrow, for the Canada Reads 2013 crown. Tune in to our livestream tomorrow at 10 a.m. ET to catch the action. The full broadcast schedule is available here.
And in the meantime, check back here for photos, the video of today's action, post-debates confessionals and more.

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