Canada Reads Dream Contest

CR-dream-ThereAre3Ways-620.jpgTell us what your Canada Reads Dream experience would look like!

What would your theme or twist be?

What books would you want to highlight?

Which prominent Canadians or celebrities would you have as the panelists? For the sake of the dream, they need not be alive, human, real, or Canadian, really!

Thanks to everyone who posted a dream! The submission phase of the contest was over as of February 28, 2013 at 11:59 pm ET. We will be making the top ten most popular entries available for voting, as outlined in these rules.

UPDATE:  You can now vote for your favourite in the Top 10 Canada Reads Dreams! 

Tiny-Terry.jpgTerry Fallis' Dream: Welcome to "Canada Reads... and Laughs." CanLit is often criticized for being too dark and tragic, but there's a lighter side to Canadian literature that is no less powerful, compelling, and moving. I think it's time we recognized Canada's strength in comic novels. So here's the line-up... Read More>>

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