Anne-France Goldwater


Anne-France Goldwater is defending The Tiger  by John Vaillant.

Anne-France Goldwater is considered one of Quebec's more opinionated and colourful lawyers.

And it's not just because she shares her office with a life-sized model of the monster from the film Alien.

Her witty, outspoken demeanour has earned her that reputation. It also landed her the nickname "Quebec's Judge Judy," thanks to her starring role in the francophone reality-television courtroom series L'Arbitre.

As a family law litigator, Goldwater is well known for her high-profile cases that are profoundly changing family law in Quebec and Canada. She has successfully challenged laws that deny common-law spouses from spousal support in Quebec and helped legalize same-sex marriage in Canada.

Goldwater was also a panelist in last year's Combat des livres, the Francophone version of Canada Reads.

Goldwater was admitted to McGill University when she was just 16 and had to wait for the Bar to receive her as a lawyer because she graduated before she was 21. At 21, she started her own firm, Goldwater, Dubé.

Goldwater was born in Quebec and is fluent in English and French.

Meet Anne-France Goldwater in her Canada Reads video!

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