VIDEO: Jay Baruchel and Douglas Gibson

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Today in the Canada Reads launch party cross-country tour, we stop in Quebec. The panelist representing the region, actor Jay Baruchel, will be bringing the classic Two Solitudes by Hugh MacLennan into the 2013 title fight. Since MacLennan passed away in 1990, his editor and friend Douglas Gibson is stepping up to the plate to represent him during this year's battle of the books.

Jay, a proud Canuck and Quebecker, chose Two Solitudes because of its importance and continuing relevance to the Quebec cultural and literary landscape. Find out why he believes this and why it will take home the top prize in February in the video below. 

The 2013 debates air on CBC Radio One and on documentary, and will be streamed online February 11-14. There will also be an encore presentation on CBC-TV February 12-15!

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