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December 2012

Read from the 2013 contenders

Want to get a feel for the five Canada Reads 2013 contenders? We have excerpts from all the books for you to read....

Check out the Canada Reads: Turf Wars reveal

Revisit Jian Ghomeshi's Q interview with all five panelists and check out videos from the public launch at the CBC Broadcast Centre in Toronto. ...

Listen to Lisa Moore read from February

Listen to a powerful clip in which Helen O'Mara imagines what dying on the Ocean Ranger must have been like.... Read More »

Listen to Douglas Gibson read from Two Solitudes

Marius Tallard is fresh from a meeting where he made a passionate speech about the protection of French-Canadian culture when he's accosted by a belligerent English-speaking soldier, and a fight ensues.... Read More »

Listen to Jane Urquhart read from Away

Esther O'Malley Robertson is the last of a line of women with a reputation for extremes and a destiny tied to water. In this passage, she looks back at the story of her great-grandmother, with whom the family's mythology began. ... Read More »

Listen to David Bergen read from The Age of Hope

This passage depicts Hope's life as a stay-at-home mother of three, doing her best to raise her children and be a good housewife. ... Read More »

Listen to Richard Wagamese read from Indian Horse

Saul Indian Horse becomes the official rink cleaner at St. Jerome's Residential School, and thanks to this chore, manages to find time to work on his hockey skills. ...

EXCERPT: February by Lisa Moore

Helen O'Mara has just lost her husband, Cal, in the sinking of the Ocean Ranger. ...

EXCERPT: Two Solitudes by Hugh MacLennan

Read the opening pages that set the scene of this CanLit classic....

EXCERPT: Away by Jane Urquhart

Read about the shipwreck that started it all in this passage from Jane Urquhart's bestselling novel. ...

EXCERPT: The Age of Hope by David Bergen

In this passage, Hope Koop realizes she's falling in love with the man who would become her husband. ...

EXCERPT: Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese

Get to know Saul Indian Horse in this powerful excerpt from the book representing British Columbia and Yukon....

VIDEO: Trent McClellan and Lisa Moore

The comedian explains why he's going to defend Lisa Moore's February during the February Canada Reads debates. ... Read More »

VIDEO: Jay Baruchel and Douglas Gibson

The actor reveals why he's backing a Canadian classic in this year's battle of the books.... Read More »

AUDIO: The Atlantic contenders on WAM

Trent McClellan and Lisa moore spoke with Chris O'Neill-Yates about being part of Canada Reads: Turf Wars!... Read More »

VIDEO: Charlotte Gray and Jane Urquhart

The renowned biographer and historian reveals why she chose Away to represent the Ontario region for Canada Reads: Turf Wars.... Read More »

Join the Canada Reads Twitter book club!

On Twitter? Want to chat about the Canada Reads contenders with other book lovers? Here's your chance! Join any or all of our six planned chats coming up in the new year....

VIDEO: Ron MacLean and David Bergen

The Hockey Night in Canada host discusses why he chose David Bergen's The Age of Hope. ...

VIDEO: Carol Huynh reveals her choice

The Olympic champion discusses why she chose Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese. ...

VIDEO: Jian Ghomeshi on CBC News Network

The Canada Reads host discusses this year's books and panelists. Will 2013 be the best year yet? ...

VIDEO: CBC Live talks to the contenders

How are the panelists prepping for the big debates in February? Find out! ...

Twitter book club: Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese

Join @cbcbooks on Thursday, January 3 at 2 p.m. ET to talk about the book representing British Columbia and Yukon! ...
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