Canada Reads 2013: The Top 5s


Canada Reads: Turf Wars is heating up.

First, there was a free-for-all: Canadians could recommend any novel they wanted to see on Canada Reads 2013. We tallied the recommendations, and came up with the 10 most popular titles in each of five Canadian regions -- British Columbia and Yukon, Prairies and North, Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces. Then we put these Top 10 lists to a vote, asking Canadians to trim them down to Top 5s. Want to see which books got top marks? You can do so using the map below. If you want an easy--to-print list to take to your local library or bookstore, you can find that here.

Your hard work is done, Canada. It's up to the panelists now. Each panelist represents one of the Turf War regions. They will pick the book they'll take into the ring with them in February from their respective region's Top 5 list.

To discuss the books in your region online, use the handy dandy regional hashtags:

  • British Columbia and Yukon: #canadareadsBCY
  • Prairies and North: #canadareadsPraN
  • Ontario: #canadareadsON
  • Quebec: #canadareadsQC
  • Atlantic Provinces: #canadareadsATL

Or use the general #canadareads hashtag to contribute to the conversation.

Check out the Top 5 lists:

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