Terry Fallis discusses On a Cold Road on Here and Now

Our resident blogger is now a radio star! Every Wednesday until the Canada Reads debates, Terry Fallis is stopping by Here and Now Toronto to discuss the final five books.

This week, Terry talked about On a Cold Road by Dave Bidini with Here and Now host Laura Di Battista. Listen to their complete conversation in the audio player below.

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Terry Fallis stopped by Here and Now each week leading up to the Canada Reads debates. He's down to the final book discussion: On a Cold Road by Dave Bidini.

On a Cold Road chronicles the Rheostatics' 1996 cross-country tour as the opening band for The Tragically Hip. As they travel from Vancouver to the East Coast of Canada, with a grand finale in Toronto, Dave and his band face the highs and lows of life on the road.

Terry enjoyed Dave's story, partly because he was once an aspiring musician himself. "We all connect with books when we have a personal connection to them," Terry said. "I played in a band in university."

As a music fan, Terry enjoyed how On a Cold Road acted as an oral history of Canadian rock music. "To hear their first person narratives about life on the road and life as a group added a real air of authenticity," he said. "It was a great book."

The tale of a touring musician may seem lighter material than a man-eating tiger or a becoming a political revolutionary, but Terry is confident that this won't hinder On a Cold Road.

"We've all stood at the front of the stage in a bar, looking up and singing along with them. There's more common ground between author and reader in this book than perhaps in any of the other ones," he says. "It's going to be interesting to see the debates unfold."

Want more of Terry's thoughts about On a Cold Road and its chances to win the Canada Reads crown? Check out his blog post about Dave's book.

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