Marina Nemat's playlist for Prisoner of Tehran

Tom Allen, host of CBC Radio 2's Shift, invited all the Canada Reads 2012 authors to come on his show and share a playlist inspired by their books. In turn, we will share this playlist with you! Below, Marina Nemat and her musical selections inspired by Prisoner of Tehran.

You can listen to Marina Nemat's conversation with Tom Allen and her musical selections in the audio player below.

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My Flower by Monika Jalili

Marina says: "It is one of my favourite songs of all time. It has always stayed with me, and I have loved it since I was very, very young."

Sultan of Hearts

Marina says: "It's a very sappy song, but I loved it. It has a beautiful memory."

Be Not Afraid

Marina says: "It's basically about going to the depths of darkness and getting out the other side."

City of Silence

Marina says: "It speaks about being trapped in silence, and then suddenly the world of silence is filled with voices....this is what really resonates with me. I was literally in an emotional coma for twenty years. I was a prisoner of my own silence."

What song would you add to Prisoner of Tehran's playlist? Let us know on TwitterFacebook or in the comments below!

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