Dave Bidini's playlist for On a Cold Road

Tom Allen, host of CBC Radio 2's Shift, invited all the Canada Reads 2012 authors to come on his show and share a playlist inspired by their books. In turn, we will share this playlist with you! Below, Dave Bidini and his musical selections inspired by On a Cold Road.

You can listen to Dave Bidini's conversation with Tom Allen and his musical selections in the audio player below.

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Play On by the Local Rabbits

Dave says: "This song is a beautifully poetic and wonderfully huge piece of music about what the musical life is all about."

Any Sense of Time by The Inbreds

Dave says: "It's one of the great Canadian records of all time."

Dope Fiends and Boozehounds by the Rheostatics

Dave says: "This is just a song of loneliness. Growing up in the suburbs, I don't think I could survived it if I didn't have my three friends, my band."

I'm the Man by Joe Jackson

Dave says: "We have a song called My First Rock Concert, which recounts an experience at Massey Hall, watching Joe Jackson play... it's a really profound memory of my days as a concert kid in Toronto."

I Want to Go to Yemen by the bidiniband

Dave says: "I spent my life writing these very long narrative songs about important life issues and subjects. This is really a straight rock and roll album. It felt so good."

What song would you add to On a Cold Road's playlist? Let us know on TwitterFacebook or in the comments below!

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