Carmen Aguirre's playlist for Something Fierce

Tom Allen, host of CBC Radio 2's Shift, invited all the Canada Reads 2012 authors to come on his show and share a playlist inspired by their books. In turn, we will share this playlist with you! Below, Carmen Aguirre and her musical selections inspired by Something Fierce.

You can listen to Carmen Aguirres's conversation with Tom Allen and her musical selections in the audio player below.

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Yo pisaré las calles nuevamente by Pablo Milanés

Carmen says: "This song was one of our staple songs when we lived in exile when I was in Canada, in Bolivia and then in Argentia."

Mamma Maremma by Umberto Tozzi

Carmen says: "It was my cousin's favourite song. He would play it all day and I would dance in front of him to try to get his attention."

No bombardeen Buenos Aires by Charly Garcia

Carmen says: "Charly Garcia is a living legend of Argentina and Latin America. He's a huge rock star."

Te doy una cancion  by Silvio Rodríguez

Carmen says: "It's an anthem from the '80s, my generation."

What song would you add to Something Fierce's playlist? Let us know on TwitterFacebook or in the comments below!

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