Terry Fallis discusses The Game on Here and Now

Our resident blogger is now a radio star! Every Wednesday until the Canada Reads debates, Terry Fallis is stopping by Here and Now Toronto to discuss the final five books.

This week, Terry talked about The Game by Ken Dryden with Here and Now host Laura Di Battista. Listen to their complete conversation in the audio player below.

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The Game is an inside look at the 1979 Montreal Canadiens hockey season. The Habs had just won three Stanley Cups in a row. They were the best of the best. But they knew that the glory days couldn't last forever. In The Game, legendary Canadiens goalie Ken Dryden brings readers inside the locker room during this memorable season in the National Hockey League.

As a hockey fan, Terry loved the book and connected with Dryden's stories about playing in his backyard and the long hours on the ice with his friends. Despite growing up with the game, he found Dryden's writing to be powerful and provocative and offered a new perspective on Canada's sport. "It really shatters the sport book stereotype," he said to Here and How host Laura Di Battista. You don't expect a book with a picture of a goalie on the cover to be so thoughtful and intelligent and yield so many insights about a game I thought I already knew."

But what about those who aren't fans of hockey? Terry acknowledges that's The Game's biggest challenge heading into the February debates. But he's confident that Alan Thicke will win reluctant readers over. "He talks about celebrity culture, the business of sports as entertainment and the movement of Canada as a country," he promised.

"If they come to this book with an open mind, they will be rewarded."

Want more of Terry's thoughts about The Game and its chances to win the Canada Reads crown? Check out his blog post about Ken Dryden's classic book.

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