Terry Fallis discusses Something Fierce on Here and Now

Our resident blogger is now a radio star! Every Wednesday until the Canada Reads debates, Terry Fallis is stopping by Here and Now Toronto to discuss the final five books.

This week, Terry talked about Something Fierce by Carmen Aguirre with Here and Now host Laura Di Battista. Listen to their complete conversation in the audio player below.

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When Carmen Aguirre was six, her family fled Chile's military dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet and settled in Vancouver. Five years later, her family returned to South America to join the Chilean resistance movement. For the next decade, Carmen found herself torn between being a dedicated resistance fighter and living a normal life as a teenager. She chronicles those years -- and her conflicted feelings -- in Something Fierce.

Terry feels that Something Fierce is "aptly named," telling Here and Now host Laura Di Battista he found Carmen's memoir "taut and tense."

The book's biggest strengths lie in Carmen's remarkable story and her unique voice. The "juxtaposition of the banal and benign with the dangerous and the violent" kept the pages turning for Terry, and Carmen's "wry and self-deprecating sense of humour" only added to the story.

While Something Fierce may be funny, Terry's quick to point out that its political message is one worth paying attention to.

"It's a stark reminder than in other parts of the world, people are fighting for the rights we already have."

Want more of Terry's thoughts about Something Fierce and its chances to win the Canada Reads crown? Check out his blog post about Carmen Aguirre's thrilling memoir.

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