Podcast: Anne-France Goldwater discusses The Tiger

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The countdown to Canada Reads is on. The debates are in February, but you can get in the game now. Each week, we are talking to a different panelist about their prep and plans as they ready themselves for the battle of the books.

We've talked to Alan Thicke about The Game, Shad about Something Fierce and Arlene Dickinson about Prisoner of Tehran. This week, our panelist is defending a man-eating, justice-seeking tiger.


Image of Anne-France Goldwater by Tanja-Tiziana Burdi/CBC

Anne-France Goldwater is one of Quebec's more outspoken litigators, and she's changed family law in Quebec and Canada. Outside the courtroom, she has a starring role in the francophone reality TV series L'Abitre. Now she's ready to put up a fight for her Canada Reads pick, The Tiger by John Vaillant.

The tiger is on quest. He wants to survive. And he wants revenge. But The Tiger is also a fascinating exploration of our complex relationship with nature.

The Tiger is set in a in remote part of Russia, but Anne-France believes that the themes of justice and survival will connect with readers in Canada. She explains why in her conversation with Canada Reads producer Debbie Pacheco, which you can listen to in the audio player above.

The debates will air at 11 a.m. (11:30 a.m. in Newfoundland) on CBC Radio One and will be livestreamed on CBC Books at 10 a.m. ET on February 6,7, 8 and 9.

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