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John Vaillant's playlist for The Tiger

Tom Allen, host of CBC Radio 2's Shift, invited all the Canada Reads 2012 authors to come on his show and share a playlist inspired by their books. In turn, we will share this playlist with you! First up: John Vaillant and his musical selections inspired by The Tiger.

You can listen to John Vaillant's conversation with Tom Allen and his musical selections in the audio player below.

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Here are John Vaillant's song selections:

Antonio Vivaldi's The Four Seasons

John says: "The Four Seasons is one of my favourite pieces of music, ever. Parts 1 and 3 of 'Winter' give me that shivery feeling of moving weather and also the feeling that something's coming -- something I might not be able to see. I think if fits perfectly with the Russian forest, and with this story in particular."

Michelle Shocked's The Quality of Mercy

John says: "The quality of mercy is not strained," is a line from The Merchant of Venice. It refers to the way mercy cannot be forced, it must come naturally. The system that Yuri Thrush [the protagonist in The Tiger] is operating in is so merciless, broken and cynical, and yet he acts as a kind of lone agent of mercy. I hear this as his theme song."


John says: "As far as I know, there isn't any indigenous music from the Russian Far East that survived Communism, or was ever recorded. This song comes from Kyrgyzstan, which is closer to Central Asia, but it's how I imagine music in the tiger's forest might sound."

"The Hunter's Theme" from Peter and the Wolf

John says: "The Hunter's Theme,' as rendered by Prokofiev, really captures the combination of aggression and fear I sensed in people who had to deal with this tiger."

What song would you add to The Tiger's playlist? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments below!

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