Meet Canada Reads author Marina Nemat

Marina Nemat went from prisoner to public speaker. After being arrested at the age of 16 and thrown into Evin, Iran's notorious political prison, Marina thought her life was over. Instead, a series of events led to her freedom — and to her eventually coming to Canada to start a new life. She shares this remarkable tale in her bestselling memoir, Prisoner of Tehran.


Canada Reads host Jian Ghomeshi with author Marina Nemat and 2012 panelist Arlene Dickinson (Tanja-Tiziana Burdi/CBC)

Nemat chose to share this story with the world, because it was the only way she could move on. "It got to the point that i had to jump off a bridge or do something constructive with what happened," she said.

The more she shared her story, the more she realized that doing so helped others. "I was a witness," she said. By acknowledging what happened, Nemat learned that she had to "try to create something beautiful out of such ugliness."

It is this message of hope and resilience that inspired Arlene Dickinson to champion Prisoner of Tehran for the Canada Reads 2012 debates. Nemat couldn't be more thrilled with her defender. Why? Find out by watching the video below the jump!

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