Meet Canada Reads author John Vaillant

John Vaillant has long had a taste for adventure, and it shows in his writing. The award-winning journalist's latest book, The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival, tells the story of a vengeful, man-eating tiger in a remote area of Russia.


Canada Reads host Jian Ghomeshi with panelist Anne-France Goldwater and a photo of her author, John Vaillant, who was unable to attend the launch event in person (Tanja-Tiziana Burdi/CBC)

The Tiger is winning accolades for its vivid portrayal of the Russian wilderness, but also for its balanced approach to the ultimate battle of man versus nature. As the stakes get higher for both the tiger and the hunters, it becomes "a cat and mouse game, on a grand scale," Vaillant said.

Vaillant argues that this book is more relevant to Canada than it initially seems. "How we manage our relationship with our resources is front and centre to us," he pointed out. "It's going to determine the future of the country."

These are the difficult questions that appealed to litigator and Quebec reality TV star Anne-France Goldwater. She will be defending The Tiger in the Canada Reads debates on February 6,7, 8 and 9.

How does Vaillant feel about having a lawyer on his side? Discover the answer and learn more about this remarkable story by watching the video below the jump!

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