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There are a lot of great Canadian true stories out there. How is the regular reader going to sift through all of them? Recall the non-fiction classics? Unearth the much-loved but overlooked small press memoir? It's a difficult task. Which is why we aren't going to leave you to do it alone. We asked people from all across the publishing spectrum — booksellers, bloggers, publishers and more — to build their dream Canada Reads: True Stories list. We will roll these lists out through the Top 40 campaign. They can be a source of inspiration and a fantastic reading list, and they give these books an extra bump to make it to the next round in this year's debates. But you also get to have your say.

One of the non-fiction buffs we turned to was CBC Radio host Carol Off.


Carol Off is the host of As It Happens on CBC Radio One. She's also an award-winning journalist and accomplished author. In addition to penning several books about the Canadian military, Carol wrote Bitter Chocolate in 2006, an exposé of the corruption in the cocoa industry.

When we asked Carol for her Canada Reads: True Stories picks, these are the books she chose and why:

Roughing It in the Bush by Susanna Moodie


Published in 1852, it's still one of the best books in Canada. Moodie blew away all preconceptions of life in Canada and gave us insight into pre-Confederation Canada but also invaluable insight into the heart and mind of a woman settler.

Survival: A Thematic Guide to Canadian Literature by Margaret Atwood


You could disqualify this book as a university thesis but for those of us trying to understand the Canadian identity — and to confront the growing anti-Americanism of the time — Atwood's treatise shaped a generation.

Flint and Feather: The Life and Times of E. Pauline Johnson by Charlotte Gray


A beautifully shaped story about a Mohawk woman who crisscrossed the country having a profound effect on all who met her. Charlotte Gray brings her to life and also puts her in her proper place in Canadian literature.

Which one of Carol Off's picks was your favourite? Vote for the book you'd most like to see on the Canada Reads: True Stories list. This poll closes on Sunday, October 16, at midnight ET.

Each vote counts as one point, and the 40 books with the most support will be named the Canada Reads: True Stories Top 40.

The Canada Reads: True Stories Top 40 will be revealed on Tuesday, October 18!

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