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The Win a Visit from Terry Fallis contest winner revealed!

Hundreds of entries across the country came in for our Win a Visit from Terry Fallis contest. We learned about book clubs of all shapes and sizes. Some of you like to drink, some of you like to argue, some of you like to bake. Some of you meet once a month, others a few times a year, but one thing was clear: you all love books.

We put all the entries into a giant bowl, sounded a loud drum roll and picked a winner. Congratulations to yogabur, a.k.a. Stacey Burrows from Calgary. She nominated her book club, ten women who meet once a month and call themselves "Bibliotherapy."


Here is Stacey's winning entry:


Dear Terry,

No doubt about it, our bookclub deserves this most auspicious gift. We are a group of ten educated, witty, fun-loving, wine-drinking (with the occasional vodka shot), attractive, feisty, open-minded, opinionated, outspoken women, ranging in ages from mid-twenties to mid-fifties, who have been meeting for over ten years, the third Monday of each month. Why do we, amongst all of these entries, deserve it? Firstly, we need a "win" after one of the longest, yuckiest, coldest, dreariest winters Calgary has seen in over ten years! Secondly, we are genuine readers who sup at the banquet of literature heartily — our selections have ranged from Leo Tolstoy to Kurt Vonnegut, from Anne Marie MacDonald to Ami McKay, from Barbara Kingsolver to Jenna Jameson's How to Make Love Like a Porn Star. Yes, there is no tasty morsel of the printed word that is not fair game at our table! Lastly, we think you'd enjoy yourself at our bookclub...we know we do!

P.s. While here you can visit BeerNBook and Banff too...why not spread the love around? :)

P.s.s. Can I at least win something for my use of adjectives and alliteration? :)


Stacey's book club will take home copies of The Best Laid Plans for each book club member. Terry will be visiting the club sometime in May. We'll recap his visit right here when he comes back!

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