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Exploring The Best Laid Plans: Chapter 8


CBC Books is all about conversation and community, which is why we want to explore the Canada Reads 2011 champion, The Best Laid Plans, chapter by chapter. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we will release an audio version of one chapter (generously recorded and given to us by author Terry Fallis) as well as pose discussion questions. You can join the conversation by commenting on the blog posts right here on the Canada Reads site or by joining the discussion group for The Best Laid Plans in the CBC Books Community.


The set-up: In Episode 8, Daniel begins to get the hang of teaching English for Engineers. The election is just a few days away, and he's looking forward to freedom. But then a big, juicy scandal involving Eric Cameron and his chief aide, Petra, breaks...


The questions:

  1. Early in the chapter, Daniel reflects that although the party brass realize that defeat in the Cumberland-Prescott riding is unavoidable, they will be unhappy with him as campaign manager because there's no indication of any progress in Liberal support there. Is that expectation fair? Why or why not?
  2. Do you think voters care more about candidates' qualities and credentials or the party they represent? Which approach do you think is better, and why?
  3. The scandal involving Eric Cameron and his aide gets widespread media coverage nationally and internationally. Why do you think the public is so fascinated by this kind of story?
  4. Daniel reasons that Eric Cameron "practiced his little, sordid secret" in private and that this shouldn't reflect on him as a politician. Do you agree? Why or why not?
  5. What is your favourite scandal in Canadian politics?


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