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Exploring The Best Laid Plans: Chapter 12


CBC Books is all about conversation and community, which is why we want to explore the Canada Reads 2011 champion, The Best Laid Plans, chapter by chapter. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we will release an audio version of one chapter (generously recorded and given to us by author Terry Fallis) as well as pose discussion questions. You can join the conversation by commenting on the blog posts right here on the Canada Reads site or by joining the discussion group for The Best Laid Plans in the CBC Books Community.


The set-up: In Episode 12, Angus sits in on his first Throne Speech, and later makes his own inaugural speech, addressed to the prime minister. Though his comments win Angus some unlikely friends among the Tories, he is making enemies in his own party. Daniel awaits the imminent backlash from Bradley Stanton.


The questions:

  1. In the opening pages of this chapter, Daniel tells Angus that he is the mirror opposite of what Canadians expect of their politicians. What do you expect of your politicians?
  2. In what way is Angus not a typical MP?
  3. The leader of the Liberal party suggests that, in light of the Eric Cameron scandal, the Conservative government has lost its "moral authority to govern the country." Have there been any scandals in Canadian politics that have led you to the same conclusion? Does one MP's scandal make for an incompetent government? Why or why not?
  4. How does one go about changing the business of politics? Do you agree with Daniel that slow and steady wins the race or do you support Angus's combative approach?
  5. Daniel believes that The Centre sent a "signal" when appointing Angus to sit on the standing committee on procedure and house affairs. Do you think this was in fact a signal? If so, what message do you think they were trying to convey?


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