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Day One: Essex County eliminated from Canada Reads

Welcome to the Canada Reads live stream and live chat for Canada Reads Day One: Monday, February 7. The debate was streamed across the country at 10:06 a.m. ET. Sign up for an email reminder to join us Tuesday, February 8 at 10 a.m. for Day Two.

Watch and Chat live

Here's how the vote went down:

  • Georges Laraque: Essex County
  • Sara Quin: The Bone Cage
  • Debbie Travis: Essex County
  • Lorne Cardinal: Essex County
  • Ali Velshi: Essex County


Miss the show? You can catch up by watching the video, replaying the live chat or listening to the audio. 


Top 10 Day One moments

1. Ali Velshi saying that choosing any novel but The Best Laid Plans as the essential Canadian novel was like a country selecting the radish as their national vegetable.

2. The audio trailers for each book. How snazzy were they?

3. The live audience. We loved how their participation added to the drama in the room and added intensity to each panelists' statement.

4. Georges Laraque admitting he didn't like reading The Birth House because men were pigs back then and he didn't want to be reminded of that.

5. Lorne Cardinal getting emotional over Carol Shields and Unless during his 60-second pitch.

6. Jeff Lemire offering original artwork to Sara Quin if she won. (She didn't win, but she did a great job defending the book. Maybe she deserves some artwork anyway, Jeff? We certainly think so!)

7. The awesome new theme music. The video stream should open with each panelist coming down a dark hallway into the studio (preferably in a silk robe and boxing gloves!).

8. Sara calling the others out for their limited understanding of what makes a "novel" -- she was one feisty and prepared panelist!

9. After Ali's prediction that The Best Laid Plans would be around for the long haul, Lorne commenting that he loved hearing "Ali's misplaced hopefulness."

10. Debbie Travis saying that Digger from The Bone Cage was her favourite character. A design diva identifying with a wrestler? Who knew?


Questions for tomorrow

Since everyone except Sara voted for ousting Essex County, which book will Georges, Ali, Debbie and Lorne target next?

With Essex County gone, will Sara pledge allegiance to another book? Or become a wild card?

With Sara going after The Bone Cage in day one, will Georges need to be fight for his book's life tomorrow?


What do you think? What was your top moment in day one? How do you feel about Essex County heading home first? And which book do you think will say goodbye on day two?



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