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Book clubs: Win a visit from Terry Fallis

Canada Reads-winning author Terry Fallis loves visiting book clubs. He even visited one the evening it was announced that his debut novel, The Best Laid Plans, was crowned the Canada Reads 2011 champion. We want to celebrate Terry's love of talking literature by rewarding one lucky Canadian book club with the chance to sit down with Terry and pick his brain. Want to discuss contemporary Canadian politics? The place satire has in contemporary fiction? What Ali Velshi is like? Well, now is your chance!

Become a CBC Books Community member and share with us why you think Terry should come and visit YOUR book club.

Don't worry if you haven't read the book  — we'll supply copies for everyone in your group!

Terry Fallis The Best Laid Plans

What would you talk about? Some CBC Books Community members have suggestions:


Mary Ellen Smith: Our group would enjoy a visit from you Mr. Fallis as it would give us all an opportunity to chat with you as well as providing us with a great set of books to read — we are both intelligent and frugal. What would we like to talk about? What would entice you to come? Since we have a political science major in our group, a chemist, a McMaster graduate, a few public school teachers, a social worker and a banker I think we would be able to have a great discussion with you on a variety of topics you are familiar with; politics, communication, writing. Unfortunately, we do not have an engineer so our discussion about hovercraft design will be limited.


berabear40: Our book club in Toronto hasn't done many Canadian books. We love to rotate the type of books we read and I'm looking forward to changing things up a little with this one. A chat with the author would spice things up.


daltdoug: Mr. Fallis should visit our Book Club, because we have already read, marked, learned and inwardly digested his remarkable novel. We discussed it just this week, in fact. That means he could join us in Montreal for our usual wine and cheese meetings and could discuss whatever he likes! We are a small group of physicians and friends (less than 10) who meet on a Tuesday evening once every six weeks or so, depending on call schedules. To be honest, the wine is a major attraction for all of us ... Come join us!


EatinginOttawa: Why should Terry come to our book club? Well, a couple of reasons. I think he would enjoy the parallels of our members to characters in his book. The group is high drama. There is lots of politics and we are particularly funny. We actually have already slated his book for our May meeting and with Terry among us, the researcher for that month might stand a pretty good chance of keeping the team on track. Like politics, we do tend to get side-tracked. (She comes equipped with a large bell.) Despite being eclectic, we are organized, intelligent and charming, when we know we need to be.


kdixie: Mr. Fallis should come to our book club because....it's in Mexico!


So what will your book club do? Entice Terry with promises of good wine and good food? Offer him an exotic locale? Excellent conversation? The draw to win is random, but keep the creative reasons coming! This is what makes book clubs from coast to coast to coast so wonderful and wonderfully different!

Join the CBC Books Community and start talking now! 

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