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The Canada Reads resolution contest

We were full of the festive spirit last week and wanted to know which Canada Reads panelist you'd like to have over for dinner. These panelists are all lively people and any one of them would pack a punch (some metaphorically, others perhaps literally!) at your holiday dinner table. The answers, as always, were fantastic. Thanks to everyone who entered — reading all the entries has become the highlight of my week!

This week's winner is Kathy Kaufman. Her name was drawn randomly, and she couldn't decide which panelist she'd want over — so she chose two!

It's a toss-up for me, who I would most like to have dinner with — Debbie Travis or Georges Laraque, so maybe I should invite them both!  I think they both would have strong opinions, and therefore stimulate great conversation!  I just put Debbie's author on my must read list, but I'd love to read them all!

Kathy scored a Canada Reads prize pack! (You could win one too. Details at the end of the post.)

Canada Reads gift pack

We loved your responses so much we're sharing some highlights with you.

Abby Henshaw chose Debbie Travis

I'd love to have Debbie Travis over for dinner! We could talk design inspiration for my home, I'd love to renovate with her! Plus we could talk about our mutal favourite show, Coronation Street

Yvonne Logan chose Georges Laraque

Because we are a hockey family and my boys would pick his brain :)

Alex Merritt chose Lorne Cardinal

Lorne seems like such a lovely and sensitive soul, a perfect dinner guest. He'd be gracious, polite and, yet, have everyone rolling on the floor with laughter!

Melanie Gregory chose Ali Velshi

My father is a huge Ali Velshi fan and it would be a wonderful Christmas present to give him the opportunity to pick Ali's brain. Ali Velshi is such a big personality, I'm sure he'd have a lot to add to the dinner conversation. I just hope things don't get too lively... :-)

Kellie McQuillen chose Sara Quin 

Sara Quin, of course! As a huge Tegan & Sara fan, I'd love the opportunity to pick her brain about her music and her reading habits! She seems so smart, funny and fascinating. I'd have to aks her to bring her sister along too. Is that allowed?!

As for this week's contest, we were inspired by the new year. This week's question is:

What is your literary resolution for 2011?

Submit your answer using the form here! Don't forget to join the conversation in our discussion forum. We'd love to hear your thoughts about all the books!

The best responses will be shared on the site next week. The contest closes on Friday, January 7, at midnight ET. The complete contest rules and regulations are here.

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