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The Canada Reads favourite character contest

Last week, we wanted to know about your literary resolutions and did you ever come through! Many people resolved to read more, whether it was more Canadian books, more non-fiction, more genre books or just more in general. And many of you resolved to read all five Canada Reads contenders. (Which is very sweet, but sinc this contest is a random draw, didn't up your chances of winning! Sorry!)

This week's winner is Kim Nayyer. Kim has resolved to finally get to a seminal work of Canadian fiction: Life of Pi by Yann Martel.

 I've been looking forward to it for ages but life events (and newer books) have always intervened. And I must read it before the movie is made!

Kim's reward is a Canada Reads prize pack. (You could win one too. Details at the end of the post.)

Canada Reads gift pack

Your resolutions were all so fantastic, we wish you the best of luck with them in 2011. Here are some inspiring ones to kick off your own literary resolution:


Monica Petzoldt resolves to "read more books and watch less television": 

Reading takes your mind to places that you might never ever go...it opens up your vocabulary...whereas tv is a lot of slang riddled reality tv, not always showing people at their best.  With novels I choose what I want to read and where I want to go.  I am going to read..."A framework for understanding poverty." 

Becky Powell resolves to "join a book club":

I recently graduated from University, where I elected to take English courses every year. Although I don't miss much about school, I do miss the discussions that I had in those classes. I feel as though I learned the most in those classes -- and I don't want the learning to stop!

Catherine Lubberts resolves to "read outside her comfort zone":

I find that sometimes the books that I would not normally read give me the greatest joy or discussion.  Occasionally I will look at a book and judge it by the cover...not good to do with people or with books!  There are some real gems out there that just have weird or plain covers that do not attract.

Lorraine Hoodicoff resolves to "read fewer books, no more than one a week.  Read  more thoroughly and thoughtfully, and re-read more often":

I read more than 80 novels this year.  (I'm getting a reputation.)  Like a chocolate addict, sometimes I don't spend enough time in appreciation of a really good book, because there's another one waiting.

Rosemary Breschuk-Chiu resolves to "share my books with my friends":

Once read, the books repose on my shelves, when they would be better served in the hands of friends. Know me, know my books.

As for this week's contest, we were inspired the Canada Reads team's discussion. This week's question is:


Who is your favourite fictional character and why?


Submit your answer using the form here! Don't forget to join the conversation in our discussion forum. We'd love to hear your thoughts about all the books!

The best responses will be shared on the site next week. The contest closes on Friday, January 14, at midnight ET. The complete contest rules and regulations are here.

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