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Terry Fallis spins The Best Laid Plans playlist

The Best Laid Plans recordEditor's note: We asked Terry to share five songs that he feels are most in tune with The Best Laid Plans. This is his response!

A Good Song by Valdi

This is a wonderful and largely forgotten song written by Valdi, the wonderful and largely forgotten folk singer and songwriter. I've always loved this song. It seems to flag the kinds of qualities and character traits we'd all like to see, not just in our life partners, but perhaps even in our politicians.

Rise Up by Parachute Club

This may seem a bit cliché, but I've always been drawn to this song. It's a rallying cry for equality and power for those segments of Canadian society, particularly women, still under-represented in the political life of this country. I bet Marin Lee, the late wife of the protagonist in The Best Laid Plans, would have loved this song.


You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet by Bachman Turner Overdrive

Every playlist needs a bit of old time rock and roll. This is a great tune with an infectious guitar riff that always lifts my spirits. The relentless refrain, "you ain't seen nothing yet," is a line that might easily apply to the exploits of the central duo in The Best Laid Plans, Angus McLintock and Daniel Addison.


The Cottage Song by Terry Fallis

I know what you're thinking. How self-indulgent can I be? The fact of the matter is, no song better captures The Best Laid Plans than this one. I wrote it in the summer of 1985 while sitting on the dock of the cottage that a group of fellow political staffers and I rented on the Ottawa River as a weekend escape from our frenetic lives in the crucible of Parliament Hill. The song reflects the stresses of working in politics and how wonderful it was to decompress on the weekend on the shores of the Ottawa River. (It was recorded in 1987. I'm the less than stellar voice and guitar player, while my twin brother Tim sings the harmonies and plays piano. You now know why music is only a hobby.)


Lullaby by Loreena McKennitt

I bought this album, Elemental, back in 1985, the year it was recorded. I handed my $10 to Loreena McKennitt herself as she "busked" outside the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto with her harp case open for donations. I was thunderstruck by her glorious voice. This song actually has no lyrics beyond "looolooolooo," but the late great Scottish/Canadian actor Douglas Campbell recites a William Blake poem in the middle that is almost heart-stopping. To me, the poem is about the courage to do what is right against all odds. The sentiment captures the spirit of Angus McLintock. In my dreams, I'd probably cast Douglas Campbell as Angus in the movie version of The Best Laid Plans, provided he were 30 years younger, not to mention still alive.

What songs would you add to The Best Laid Plans playlist?

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