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Terry Fallis talks about The Best Laid Plans

If there is a Cinderella story in this year's Canada Reads line-up, it would have to be Terry Fallis. His book, The Best Laid Plans, had a rocky start — it was ignored by literary agents and Terry had to resort to other means (a very entertaining podcast) to get his work in the hands of an audience. He slowly developed a following around the world before shocking the publishing community by taking home the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour — a first for a self-published novel. But the party isn't over just yet for Terry: this year, The Best Laid Plans became the first book with a self-published history to be defended on Canada Reads when CNN broadcaster Ali Velshi selected it to champion in this year's debates.

Terry's personal life greatly informed the book, everything from the engineering students (he was one!) to the politicians (he worked for one!) to the hovercraft (he built one!) was inspired by his own life. While Terry now makes his home in Toronto doing political consulting (don't worry, I don't understand what that means either), he tries to get as much writing done as he can. The High Road, a sequel to The Best Laid Plans, came out earlier this year.

When Terry came to the Canada Reads 2011 launch, we asked him about his writing influences, the advice he'd give Ali Velshi and more!



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