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Ami McKay talks about The Birth House

The Birth House is set in rural Nova Scotia nearly a hundred years ago, but this remarkable story didn't find its way onto the page until an aspiring American writer, Ami McKay, relocated from Chicago to Scots Bay, Nova Scotia, to be with her husband and to start a family. She became pregnant shortly after settling in and the community rallied around the new Nova Scotian, sharing with her tales of her new home and her new town. When she discovered that the house she moved into was originally the community's birth house, Ami was inspired to start work on a fictional tale based on this tidbit of historic fact. It became The Birth House, her debut novel.

The story that came to life in Ami's imagination captivated book clubs across the country when it was first published in 2006. Five years later, design maven Debbie Travis is giving the tale of Dora Rare new life by defending it in this year's Canada Reads debates.

When Ami came to the Canada Reads 2011 launch, we asked her about her writing influences, the advice she'd give Debbie Travis and more!


You can win a copy of The Birth House, signed by both Ami McKay and Debbie Travis.

To enter the contest, just watch the video and find out the answer to the following question:

What book has influenced Ami the most as a writer?

Send your answer to canadareads@cbc.ca for a chance to win! The contest closes at midnight ET on Thursday, December 16. The winner will be drawn randomly from all the correct entries.

The contest rules and regulations can be found here.

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