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Fun on the Canada Reads Top 10 campaign trail

The Canada Reads Top 10 vote inspired some silly and serious online chatter. We had tons of fun following the conversations and creativity online and wanted to share some of the best goodies with you.

Goodie # 1: Cake!

Top 40 author Cathy Marie Buchanan (The Day the Falls Stood Still) has the best book club ever! The lovely ladies of the Bronte Book Club baked Cathy a commemorative Canada Reads Top 40 cake!

Visited the Bronte Book Club Wednesday night and just look at... on Twitpic

Goodie # 2: Clever videos!

Leo McKay Jr. (Twenty-Six) launched one of the funniest and most original author campaigns out there. We've loved watching all his videos and Margaret Atwood's surprise appearance made us laugh until we cried!

Goodie # 3: Thoughtful posts!

We recognize that the new format has caused some controversy, but we can't help but love some of the thoughtful posts by authors and publishers commenting on the process. Sean Dixon (The Girls Who Saw Everything) and Biblioasis (publisher of Moody Food) wrote two particularly insightful posts that made the rounds in the Canada Reads offices.

Goodie # 4: Creative book trailers!

Cormorant Books made a fantastic Canada Reads-ready book trailer for Zoe Whittall's Bottle Rocket Hearts. It's gorgeous, it's fun and it's worth a look.

Goodie #5: Stephen Colbert!

Cormorant Books also made this hilarious infographic imagining what Stephen Colbert would have to say about the new Canada Reads process! Click here to see it (if you dare!).

Goodie # 6: Bookplates!

Coach House Books shared the bookplates of Sean Dixon's The Girls Who Saw Everything with readers on their website! They made one for each member of the Lacuna Cabal book club!

Goodie #7: Monkeys!

Corey Redekop (Shelf Monkey) argued on Twitter that all the Canada Reads Top 40 books could be improved with the word "Monkey" in the title. The Bone Monkey. The Year of the Monkey. The Book of Monkeys. The Monkeys Who Saw Everything. Monkey Lake. A Complicated Monkey. Drive-by Monkeys. Come, Thou Monkey. What do you think?

Goodie #8: Book covers!

Christy Ann Conlin is getting creative with her Heave book cover on Twitter, sharing the "book cover we never saw," "spot the difference," and more!

Book covers! Who is she, where is she and doing what?? photo:... on Twitpic

Goodie #9: Olympians!

Angie Abdou's The Bone Cage is about an Olympic wrestler. It seems like the natural choice for Olympic gold medalist Daniel Igali, but we never expected him to actually make a video about it! Without us even asking! Check out Daniel's thoughtful recommendation below:

Goodie #10: Friendships!

The Canada Reads Top 40 authors are adorable. They've forged friendships on Twitter, have retweeted each other, recommended each other's books. It's a fantastic, vibrant and unexpected conversation that popped up, and we're thrilled by it. Canada Reads brings people together. They shared headstand tips, baking tips, and invited each other to lobster boils. It makes me sad that on Tuesday, there will only be 10.

What were your own favourite off or online moments of the campaign? We'd to love hear from you — leave a comment below or weigh in on Facebook or Twitter.

Tomorrow, the Top 10 will be revealed, right here at 10:30 a.m. ET and on Q (10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. in your time zone!).

Erin Balser is an associate producer with Canada Reads.

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