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Michael Winter shines light on Newfoundland titles

What does Canada Reads have in common with Sherlock Holmes? We're taking on the role of super-sleuth, deciphering the clues you send us to find the essential Canadian novel of the last decade. Ok, so your suggestions don't need much decoding. We're just running the Excel sheet and adding them up. But we still fancy ourselves detectives searching high and low for our must-read book.

We got in touch with a number of authors and asked for their recommendations to keep you inspired. One of the writers we chatted with was Michael Winter. His latest novel is The Death of Donna Whalen. It's shortlisted for the Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize. Winter now also lives in Toronto, but he still has strong ties to his home province of Newfoundland. In fact, the two picks he came up with don't stray too far from home.

Ok, so, one of his picks is a novel by his sister, Kathleen Winter. To be fair, he isn't just being the biased brother. Her book is like the popular kid on the block. Everyone likes it. It's currently on the shortlists of three of Canada's most important literary awards.

If your brother or sister wrote an essential Canadian read, we want to know. Or if you wish you were related to an author whose book you love, nominate that novel! You can use our online form, or drop by on Twitter or Facebook. You can win a set of 40 fabulous reads.

Debbie Pacheco has taken to wearing plaid and smoking a tobacco pipe while pondering which books will be chosen for Canada Reads.

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