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Mariko Tamaki's 'essential' reads are graphic novels

To be or not to be, that is the question. Well, not for Canada Reads. We're too busy for existential angst. We're searching for the must-read Canadian book of the last 10 years. Our key question is: what's your essential Canadian novel of the last decade?

Part of our hunt involves chatting with Canadian authors and getting their picks.This time around, we spoke to Toronto-based writer Mariko Tamaki. The co-author of the award-winning graphic novel Skim picked — you guessed it — graphic novels as her essential reads.

Here's Tamaki on her suggestions and why she thinks graphic novels are an important part of Canadian literature.

We're getting a variety of suggestions. But one thing is pretty consistent. Most authors can't restrict themselves to just one pick! Like some of the other writers we chatted with (see tomorrow's post as well!), Mariko named two novels. Well, that's if you count a trilogy as one pick!

Tomorrow's another day and another author suggestion. We also want to hear from you. Time is running out! You have until midnight on Monday, October 25. You can use our online form, or drop by on Twitter or Facebook. And, of course, there are prizes to entice/reward you for sending us your vote. You could win a set of 40 great novels just for taking part!

Debbie Pacheco is an associate producer with Canada Reads

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