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Canadian authors weigh in...

In our continued quest to find the essential Canadian novel of the last 10 years, we sallied forth and quizzed several authors at a recent event in Toronto. We figured they've read a few books here and there.

Their responses surprised us. They're just as varied as the submissions we're getting from Canadian readers. Alberta-born Alissa York voted for a bigwig in the Canadian literary scene and a book that isn't set in Canada. Anthony De Sa's pick had a local flavour. He told us off-camera that his suggestion didn't get enough recognition when it first came out. He thinks a Canada Reads nod would be well deserved. Another Toronto writer put forward a sci-fi novel. And Richard B. Wright, well, he had a hard time with the whole exercise. Take a look.

It's O.K., Richard, we know it's a tough question. But what's even harder for an author? To resist the temptation to nominate your own book! Some writers are spearheading their own campaigns to make the Canada Reads Top 40 list!

We'll continue to roll out more picks, including the submissions you're sending us. So keep up your end of the bargain, Canada, and submit, submit, submit. You can use our online form, or contact us through Twitter or Facebook. You've sent us more than 1,000 suggestions so far, but we know you have more books up your sleeve. Plus, you don't want to miss out on the great prizes! A ready-made library of 40 books, anyone?

Debbie Pacheco is an associate producer with Canada Reads.

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