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Author Jane Urquhart on the essential Canadian novel of the decade

Is it on your bookshelf? Standing by on your bedside table? Canada Reads continues its search for the essential Canadian novel of the last 10 years, and we want to hear from you.

What's your must-read book of the decade? Think about it. We know it's a hard question. So does best-selling novelist Jane Urquhart. The southwestern Ontario author is busy promoting her latest book,Sanctuary Line, but she took time out to ponder the possibilities. The trouble was, she couldn't limit herself to just one novel.

Urquhart voted for two books by literary bigwig Margaret Atwood. Check out what she had to say about why she chose them.

We'll be offering up more author recommendations this week, but we also want you to weigh in. Tell us your pick for the essential novel of the last 10 years, and why you chose it. You can use our online form, or drop by on Twitter or Facebook. Have a say in which books will be in the running for the next Canada Reads crown. There's a book lover's bonus, too: you could win a set of 40 great novels in our contest — the deadline is midnight on Monday, October 25.

Debbie Pacheco is an associate producer with Canada Reads.

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