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The Jade Peony: my favorite character: the Monkey Man

Welcome to the discussion thread all about Wayson Choy`s The Jade Peony! I'm your moderator, Angela@CBC.

Let's talk a bit about characters this week: who is YOUR favorite character and why?

Mine, as I'm sure you gleaned from the title of this post, is The Monkey Man, Wong Bak. I loved his relationship with Jook-Liang, and her perception of him as the mythical character from her Grandmother's stories. Their friendship was so lovely, and told in such imaginative, fluid prose that I really started to get jealous of Jook-Liang and her marvelous friend. Even his exit from the book is mythical, as he embarks on his journey home and breaks poor Liang's heart in the process. This is the character I missed the most and kept hoping for updates from as the book progressed into the storylines of the other children.

What about you?
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