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Live chats, exclusive content and spoilers ahoy as Canada Reads begins next week

We're ramping up for the Canada Reads 2010 debates next week with lots of great value-added content. All next week, check out our live chats with Book Club host Hannah Sung and her special guests as they debrief on the day's debate.

Please remember that the Canada Reads site will be one MASSIVE SPOILER with content going up live as the books are voted off. Consider yourselves alerted! Likewise for Twitter and Facebook. We're sure online chatter will begin as the debates air across the country. If you want to add to the dialogue, remember to use the hashtag #canadareads or visit the Book Club or Canada Reads Facebook pages.

For a fantastic pre-game preview, check out the podcasts by the crew at Civilians Read. Bella's Bookshelves also has some nice things to say about Civilians Read and throws in a defence for Nikolski.

Some reviews:

Ready for the debates? Get reading...!

Kimberly (a.k.a. @AliasGrace)

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