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Day Three: Discussion


Goodbye Generation X! It's always a bit sad to see the first book voted off. It's usually at this point that the panelists remember that Canada Reads isn't a chat about books, but a war of words.

Question: How did Roland do as the defender of Douglas Coupland's Generation X? Should he have tried a different tactic?

It's not clear whether Michel Vézina is convincing his fellow panelists that his book should win Canada Reads, but comments from yesterday's blog entry show that listeners are charmed by his argument for Nikolski. On the confessional cam, Samantha has been very honest about her plans to knock Fall on Your Knees out of contention. Earlier this week, Perdita said she was going to vote with her heart, but since Sam voted against her book, all bets are off.

Questions: Will Sam's strategy backfire? Do you think Michel is convincing his fellow panelists? How will Roland affect the debates now?

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If you'd like to discuss specific books, please visit the discussion pages for Fall on Your Knees, Generation X, Good to a Fault, The Jade Peony and Nikolski.

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